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We all knew Rick's head was filled with something- the Nectar & Honey Party Pack is everything you could ask for and more! Honey straws are truly one of the best ways to dab and this one is no exception. Fashioned with a large 11" tall glow-in the-dark glass Nectar Collector Recycler, will make it clear he's filled with nothing but hot air! With a comfortable grip, water recycles through this tube effortlessly with a mouth-watering, clean tasting and flavorful hit every time. Pair it with your favorite flavored dab for the ultimate smoking experience.

Party Pack comes complete with your favorite characters dab rolling mat, glass dabber, stash container, and honey hemp wraps.


  • 11" Glow in the Dark Rick Nectar Collector
  • Dab Rolling Mat
  • Character Time spinning glass dabber
  • Silicone Stash Ball Container
  • Honey Hemp Wraps

Nectar Collector Recycler Features:

  • 11" length
  • Huge hits every time
  • Glow-in-the-dark 
  • Glass and Titanium

Limited stock available. Only while supplies last.